LED Shower Head: The 3 Best LED Light Up Shower Heads for 2022


You might not assume that you need to get an LED light added to your shower head but the truth is that such a light can make an enormous difference. For starters, you might need a bit of extra light in your shower if you don’t have an easy-to-use light source in the area. A great LED shower head with piping hot water and decent water pressure will allow you to get enough light in the shower so you can see exactly what you are doing.

Of course, a shower head like this will offer a more appealing look to your shower area. It has a modern style to it that is very relaxing and helps you to focus on enjoying a nice shower without being too rough. It relaxes your mind so you can get the most out of your shower experience.

Many of the top LED shower heads on the market are advanced models that come with an extensive number of features. Just look around at the choices you have for a quality shower head and you will see that there are many great options that you are bound to enjoy having in your bathroom.

There are so many shower head options available on the market, such as handheld shower heads and overhead showers like rain shower heads (or rainfall shower heads), combo shower head and spray, and, of course, color change shower heads with amazing shower lights and color changes.

The three choices we have made were chosen based on how they offer many quality setups that are easy to apply. Just get one of these shower heads added into your bathroom and you will immediately notice a difference in not only the appearance but also how comfortable your shower experience will be.

Power Spa Luminex

LED Shower Head: The 3 Best LED Light Up Shower Heads for 2022 1

The first of the LED shower heads to see in 2017 is this choice from Power Spa. The Luminex uses seven different colors on its LED light. These colors change on their own every couple of seconds. These blend in with one another and offer a comfortable space. The lights are powered by running water and require no batteries. They are also comfortable and are not overly bright or disruptive.

Notable features of the Power Spa Luminex include:

  • 7 different LED colors
  • 4 Spray Modes
  • 1-year warranty


There are four different water settings on this 4-inch shower head. You can use a rain or massage mode or one that combines the two. The fourth is the Pause mode that allows you to quickly shut off a series of jets at a moment’s notice. This helps you to keep enough water flowing without using more than what you are comfortable with.

In addition to the basic head, you can also use a smaller handheld shower hose. This comes with a five-foot stainless steel connection. You can quickly move the water flow from the main shower head to the portable hose in just a matter of moments.




  • Easy to adjust the shower head
  • Lights are very visible and comforting
  • You can adjust its angle



  • The portable hose may be short for some
  • Tough to install in some bathrooms


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DreamSpa All Chrome 3-Way Shower Head

LED Shower Head: The 3 Best LED Light Up Shower Heads for 2022 2

This distinctive model uses a three-zone high-power dial on both the main shower head and on the smaller shower head that is attached to its stainless steel wand. It is paired with a three-color LED light that allows you to feel comfortable while taking in a good wash.

Notable features of the Dreamspa 3 Way Head include:

  • LED’s change color based on water temp
  • No batteries, Powered by water
  • Hassle-free 1-year warranty


The water diverter moves the water into different zones to help cover more area on your body at any given time. It uses a water temperature sensor to ensure that any changes in temperature are controlled and that they gradually come about as you adjust the taps in your shower.

The LED light can adjust itself based on the temperature of the water. It will start to flash red when the water gets to be far too hot or dangerous so you will be alerted to any issues in your water.

One popular feature of this DreamSpa model comes from the Hydro Supercharged Turbine LED design. This adds oxygen to the water flow through a series of rub-clean nozzles. This allows water to move out evenly while also keeping clogs from being a threat.

This all comes with a 4-inch face. The Reflective Perimeter Rim feature especially adds a comfortable look that allows water to move out quickly.



  • Easily adjustable
  • Water distributes well and evenly
  • The flow of water is consistent
  • LED light is comfortable without being too loud



  • Can make a humming sound at times
  • Tougher to install the bottom part than the top


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AquaDance High-Pressure 5-Setting Shower Head

LED Shower Head: The 3 Best LED Light Up Shower Heads for 2022 3

An attractive part of this AquaDance shower head is that its LED light projects seven different colors of light. The colors blend in together quite well and automatically change over time. There’s no need for a battery either.

Notable features of the AquaDance high-pressure head include:

  • 5 spray settings with 7 colors
  • Powered by running water, no batteries
  • Hassle-free 1-year warranty


The 4-inch click dial lets you quickly move from one of the five settings to the next. It offers jets that are easy to rub off when cleaning them, thus allowing water to flow out evenly while also keeping lime buildup from being a threat.

The five settings include rain and massage settings as well as a combination of the two. An economy mode that uses fewer jets can also be utilized to help you use less water.

The shower jets are also evenly distributed all over the entire body of the shower head. This allows for the shower to produce enough water without moving things out far too much.



  • Fits most basic shower arms
  • LED lights last for about ten years on average
  • Easy to install
  • Offers even water distribution through its jets



  • The lights cannot be disabled
  • Can make noises on occasion


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As you find a quality LED shower head, you have to look for a choice that has an outstanding look that you are bound to enjoy having. These shower heads that you have read about are all designed with several quality features that are easy to apply and use.

Be sure that you look at a great LED shower head the next time you need a comfortable setup for your shower area. The options here are made with comfortable bodies that are easy to handle and use.

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