Best Plumbing Camera

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Plumbing is one job which requires peeking through pipes and identifying problems in the narrowest holes and gaps, often unreachable with the naked eye. Pipe leaks and other plumbing problems are not uncommon for many households, and calling in a licensed plumber to take a look could cost you a hefty sum.

That’s exactly where these nifty little gadgets come in. With snake inspection endoscope cameras highly in demand, manufacturers have come up with longer waterproof cables for plumbing inspections. You can pretty much use these devices anywhere, as long as the cable can fit through the opening.

Choosing a particular usb drain camera however, is not easy with so much competition now on the market. Here we will look at the features of three of the best plumbing cameras on the market.

Best Plumbing Cameras

Eggsnow USB Borescope Endoscope Inspection Camera

The endoscope inspection camera is perfect for any of your plumbing inspections. The cable wire has a diameter of just 7 mm and should be fit nicely through most pipe openings. It is designed to record images and videos with a 480p HD camera with a 3 cm to 8 cm focal distance and a 67 degree viewing angle. The flexible tube is waterproof and has six adjustable LED lights.

The Eggsnow USB Borescope Endoscope Inspection camera is available at in your choice of five lengths.


  • The flexible tube camera is available in varying length and is waterproof with IP67 protection.
  • The resolution is impressive with its 480p HD camera.
  • The plug-and-play set up is easy.
  • You can do your own inspections, saving on costly plumbing service calls.


  • The tube isn’t rigid enough to push through any obstacles that may be in the pipe.
  • The quality of the side mirror is questionable as too much light is reflected back to the camera.

All in all, it’s a fantastic product designed to serve all your regular plumbing inspection needs. The camera quality is fairly good as is the focus. The camera is on one end of the cable and there is a USB connecter at the other end, so you will need a computer or laptop to see the images and video produced by the camera. The dials on the USB make adjusting lights easy. The greatest feature of all is it is inexpensive and a fantastic value for the price.

Zhol USB Inspection Snake Camera

ZHOL 45ft USB Cable Waterproof Drain Pipe Pipeline Plumb Inspection Snake...
  • Waterproof wire endoscope , High resolution with 1/6 CMOS camera
  • 4 LED low lux luminance lights can work better when the light very dark
  • XP system can watch video directly without install software, Vista or Win 7 needs install software which...
  • Can take photo (XP system can use itself photo function to take photo or use our software, other system...

The Zhol endoscope inspection camera is waterproof device with a 15 m cable. It features high resolution with 1/6 CMOS camera. The camera has four LED low lux luminance lights for better visibility the dark pipes. The camera cable is 45 ft long. The camera has a pretty good focus, and its greatest feature is that it is inexpensive.

To get the device working, all you need to do is plug it into the computer, install the software from on the included CD and play. It’s an inexpensive product that offers quality. The Zhol USB Inspection Snake Camera is available at


  • It is waterproof and completely safe to insert through pipes or gaps.
  • It will is compatible most computers. The camera can also be controlled via your smart phone.


  • It is not meant for heavy duty use; rough handling could cause damage to the camera.
  • Getting the wire snake to feed inside the pipe will take some getting used to.

You will definitely be happy with the purchase of this product. It is inexpensive and comes with plenty of features to identify any routine plumbing issues. You might need to make some adjustment regarding the camera quality for long ranges, but then again the result is remarkable for its price. The Zhol Inspection Camera is definitely worth buying.

Econoled Waterproof USB Borescope Endoscope Inspection Camera

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This inspection camera from Econoled has been designed to go through pipes and identify your plumbing issues. The camera connects to a laptop or computer with a USB connector to monitor your camera’s images, and the interface is user friendly. It’s equipped with LED lights for visibility in the dark and a 10 m cable, and the camera quality is decent. The Econoled Waterproof USB Borescope Endoscope Inspection Camera is available at


  • The biggest plus is its price.
  • The user interface is fairly easy
  • Installation is plug-and-play.


  • The camera angle view is narrow.
  • The camera is not intended for heavy duty use.

The product is probably among the cheapest in its category with its 10 m cable, which is long enough for most uses. The user interface is remarkably simple to use, even if you are not a tech savvy DIY plumber. The Econoled Waterproof USB Borescope Endoscope Inspection Camera is great for those who are new to using an endoscope camera. It’s a bargain at its price.


Comparing the three products in this plumbing camera review, the Eggsnow endoscope is the clear winner. It’s featured with better camera quality, covers wider angles, and the overall quality of the device is better. Since it is available in five different lengths, one is sure to fit any user’s needs.

The least expensive plumbing camera is the Enconcoled. The Econoled Waterproof USB Borescope Endoscope Inspection Camera isn’t the best plumbing camera in the business but it will get minor jobs done well.

Zhol has also produced a decent camera with the USB Inspection Snake Camera. It is also inexpensive and offers a long cable to identify any plumbing issues. If you are looking for a camera with a longer cable, the Zhol is the best option.

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