Best Shower Head that Increases Pressure

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When you are looking for a new water-saving shower head with piping hot water to improve your shower experience, you have to decide whether you need a high pressure shower head or a low-flow shower head. This is because you will require a shower head that increases pressure if your shower has a low pressure water supply rating (Psi). You need a shower head that will help to make the water you take in a little stronger.

When you get a new shower head, it will be easier for you to clean yourself off. The added water pressure helps to wash yourself properly and popular shower heads like the rain shower head, spa shower head, or handheld shower head make the whole shower experience better than ever—and are real water savers.

You can use more water pressure while the same amount of water flows out, thus helping you to save water and money on your water bills. This comes as you will not have to use more water just to get yourself rinsed off properly. In fact, the water is distributed evenly on your body.

You will also feel much better when you are showering under such a shower head. The comfortable stream of hot water from a quality water heater will help you feel your best—even if your water pressure offers a low flow rate.

With all these points in mind, let’s look at a few of the best shower heads you can use if you have low water pressure in your home. These choices come from many of the world’s top brands and have a number of special technical features.

Note: A majority of these shower heads work with about 2.5 gallons of water per minute.

Speakman S-2252

It’s capable of delivering a flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute, but you can also choose the different flow patterns too! If you are someone who enjoys a long hot shower with the water pouring over you, then you’ll be able to appreciate the power of this unit.

Notable features of the Speakman S-2252 include:

  • 6 adjustable jets producing 48 individual sprays
  • Self cleaning nozzles
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty included

The first choice comes from Speakman. This offers six different water stream options. Just adjust the main body of the shower head to move from one flow option to the next.

The Anystream system patented by Speakman allows you to quickly rotate the spray head. You can get an intense setting up and running or you can use a gentle rain option that uses larger drops that retain heat for a longer period of time.

The solid brass body offers a sturdy construction that lasts for years. The small spray ports on each jet also ensure an even distribution of water while producing larger drops that can cover more parts of your body at a given time.


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Delta 75152 Single-Function

This shower head does a fantastic job of delivering a more powerful feeling shower all while using less water. Delta’s H20kinetic spray gives you plenty of options for spray pattern and power.

Notable features of the Speakman S-2252 include:

  • Adjustable H2Okinetic Spray
  • Adjustable 1.85-2.5 gallons per minute
  • Delta’s limited lifetime faucet & finish warranty


This next option is from Delta, a prominent name in bathroom fixtures. It uses Delta’s H2O kinetic spray feature to help you get water out as quickly as possible. It works with four different stream settings that offer more coverage at a given time.

This offers a more intense body, as well as the water, moves out quickly and effortlessly. The water is also warmer all the way around.

Delta made this shower head to fit onto all ½-inch threaded shower arms. It is very easy to install. It even comes with all the mounting hardware needed to help you get it set up.

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WantBa Rainfall

This ultra-luxury showerhead provides plenty of options. Mount the handheld portion anywhere you want with the genius suction cup mount and turn both heads on at the same time for a unique shower experience!

Notable features of the WantBa Rainfall include:

  • 5 way adjustable handheld shower head
  • 6ft stainless steel hose
  • Suction cup mounted handheld shower head
  • Rainfall style main shower head


WantBa made this choice with a design that is suitable for some of the more high-end cleaning needs one might have. It uses a rainfall-style head that is wide in its body and includes a number of jets all around its body. These are evenly laid out around the head to offer more coverage.

This four-inch shower head uses five settings. These are adjustable in terms of the particular jets that water will come out of. You can get the shower head to work with just a few jets at a time in the middle or you can use all the ones on the outside part depending on your preference.

You can get this with an additional stainless steel handle. This works with a similar head and comes with a six-foot wire to help you move the portable head all around. The water can quickly move from the larger head to the portable one and then back again in just a few seconds.


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Waterpik SM-421

This showerhead is featured in many hotels across the USA and has sparked great interest from its occupants as they experience a fantastic, pulsating shower.

Notable features of the Waterpik SM-421 include:

  • 4 sprayer settings
  • Pulsating massage
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty included


Waterpik has long been associated with making top-quality dental products. The company has expanded its array of products into the shower field with this special shower head. This comes with four spray settings including a pulsating massage option.

The main body of the shower head can be turned from left to right to help adjust the quality of the water as it comes out. This makes it very easy for the water to move out and keep anyone clean.

This is also very easy to install. You can apply it to a basic shower head connection in just a few moments. It also secures itself onto its base quickly without slipping off or leaking easily.


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High Sierra 1.5 GPM Shower Head

While flowing less water per minute than most shower heads on the market today (1.5gpm vs 2.5gpm). This shower head boasts impressive water pressure and build quality.

Notable features of the High Sierra 1.5 GPM Shower Head  include:

  • Solid metal construction
  • WaterSense certified to help save water
  • 1.5 gallons per minute output


This last choice is different for how it works with a lighter amount of water. It works with just 1.5 gallons of water per minute instead of the standard 2.5 GPM that most others use.

The nozzle is slim in its design and gets water to move out in a large cone-shaped pattern. It produces larger drops to help cover more are on your body. The smaller nozzle helps to keep the amount of water being used down from being too rough or hard to use.

An optional trickle valve can be included on this shower head. This allows you to adjust the overall flow of water out of this even further. This can work with less water for less intense cleaning needs as it uses a simple knob on the base of the head to control how water moves out as necessary.


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Final Notes

When buying one of these shower heads for your personal needs, you have to look at how well the nozzle works and how it can get water distributed. You must also work out whether or not it comes with different flow options.

No matter which of the options you have read about you go for, you will have something that is easy to apply and use in any shower you have. These options will provide you with enough water for your shower without having to use more water than is necessary. They are really effective in terms of how you can get water to move quickly and to be more useful for your cleaning needs.

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