A toilet auger can be an excellent tool to have around in case of an emergency. Typically, a plunger can be very helpful for most clogs, but once in a while it might not work.

In those instances, you need a high-quality auger to keep you from having to call in an expensive professional. Rather than spend the money it can take for a plumber to fix it for you, it's much easier to have an additional tool that can do the same task. In this article, we're going to provide information on several different augers to help you find the right tool for your needs.

Ishua 164.2 Inch Drain Snake

164.2 Inch Drain Snake Hair Catcher, Ishua Drain Cleaner and Clog Remover 13.7 Feet Metal Professional Sink Dredge Pipeline Cleaner Drain Cleaning Tool for Bathroom,Toilet,Kitchen, Tubs, Pipe, Sewers

This auger is 13.7 feet long, which means it will be able to handle clogs no matter how deeply they've been rooted into the pipe system. It can also be easily rolled up when not in use so you won't have to worry about it taking up space. It's made from galvanized alloy with a plastic handle, so it will definitely be strong enough to handle intense clogs. By inserting it into a train and turning it, you'll be able to guide it through cutting up just about any kind of clog.


  • Very long
  • Rolls up to save space
  • Can be used in multiple kinds of drains


  • Can take a decent amount of physical effort to get the job done thoroughly
  • Cleaning out drains can get very messy


If you need something heavy duty that will be able to take care of just about any clog, then the Ishua Drain Snake is going to be a great option for you.

General Pipe Cleaners T6FL-DH Teletube Toilet Auger

General Pipe Cleaners T6FL-DH Teletube Toilet Auger with Down Head

If you want something that is going to offer an easier method of spinning the auger in order to break through clogs, then this is an excellent option. It's a 6 foot auger capable of reaching quite deeply into drains. The handle of the auger is made from vinyl, so it will be comfortable on your hands during use. It also offers a handy way to reattach the section that goes down the drain to the handle, allowing it to be stored easily when it's not in use.


  • Able to fix clogs that a plunger can't with ease
  • Much more cost-effective than calling in a professional
  • It's very heavy duty


  • Can be difficult to use the extension
  • It can be tricky to retract after being used


If you need something more powerful than a plunger, but not quite on the level of a commercial product or service, then the General Pipe Cleaner is going to be an ideal choice.

ThreeCobra Plumbing 41030 3/8-Inch by 3-Feet Toilet Auger

Cobra Plumbing 41030 3/8-Inch  by 3-Feet  Toilet Auger

When you need something simple and effective, the ThreeCobra Toilet Auger is a great choice. It's a 3-foot-long auger that will be able to handle many different kinds of clogs. This is a heavy-duty auger made from steel so that you won't have to worry about it breaking on you too easily. It offers a non-slip grip to make getting the job done easier. You can use it easily on a toilet as well as in other drains in order to remove clogs.


  • Effective
  • Easy to use
  • Heavy duty


  • It may wear out more quickly if used frequently


The ThreeCobra Toilet Auger is a tough little device that will surely be able to break through most clogs. If you want something simple and sturdy, this is a great option.

RIDGID 59802 K-6 DH Toilet Auger

RIDGID 59802 K-6 DH Toilet Auger, 6-Foot Toilet Auger Snake with Drop Head to Clear Clogged Toilets with Hard Angles

This durable, kink-resistant auger is designed to be able to break down clogs with little trouble so that you can get your toilet back to a fully functioning state in no time at all. It's made with large, vinyl handles so that you can easily get the job done without having to strain yourself. It'll be tough on the clog without leaving any chips or scratches on the porcelain of your toilet. It's capable of clearing out just about any material so you won't have to deal with calling in a professional.


  • Saves you money over calling a professional
  • Heavy duty
  • Able to easily break through clogs


  • The head of the auger is too big
  • In some cases, it can be difficult to retract


While the RIGID Toilet Auger is more costly than other auger options, it's designed to be long-lasting and allow you to save money over having to call in a plumber.

MIBOW Drain Snake

MIBOW Drain Snake Cleaner Drain Auger,Sink Dredge Pipeline Cleaner,Drain Snake Hair Catcher for Bathroom Tub, Toilet,Clogged Drains, Dredge Pipe, Sewers,Sink, Kitchen Sink Slow Drain Relief

This is a highly budget-friendly auger that will be able to save you money and keep your drains running smoothly. It's over 39 inches long and is able to be used in just about any drain that you may need to unclog. It's a highly flexible tool that will be able to pull out or break down just about any clog with the specialized design.


  • Can easily unclog kitchen and bathtub drains as well as toilets
  • Made from heavy-duty materials
  • Easy to use


  • It can be too big for some drains
  • Can take some effort for bigger clogs


If you need something that is going to be budget-friendly and clear out clogs before they get too deep into the piping, then the MIBOW Drain Snake is going to be a great option.


Depending on your needs, you'll surely be able to find the ideal auger on this list. Whether you want to be prepared with a heavy-duty tool or need something quick and inexpensive, you'll be able to find it here. Many people may not think of it, but having an auger around can end up saving you a lot of money when an emergency happens, so they'll well worth the purchase. Even if your drains are currently functioning perfectly, you never know when a clog might come along that needs more than a plunger to fix.

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