The Best USB Plumbing Cameras that are Budget Friendly

Plumbing is one job where the best USB plumbing cameras are required for peeking through pipes and identifying problems in the narrowest holes and gaps, often unreachable with the naked eye. Pipe leaks and other plumbing problems are not uncommon for many households, and calling in a licensed plumber to take a look could cost you a hefty sum.

That’s exactly where these nifty little gadgets come in. With snake inspection endoscope cameras highly in demand, manufacturers have come up with longer waterproof cables for plumbing inspections. You can pretty much use these devices anywhere, as long as the cable can fit through the opening.

Choosing a particular USB drain camera, however, is not easy with so much competition now on the market. Here we will look at the features of three of the best plumbing cameras on the market.

Best USB Plumbing Cameras




Device Compatability


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1. LZHZJOY USB Endoscope for Android and iOS

There sure seem to be very few USB borescope cameras that are iPhone compatible. The LZHZJOY camera is compatible with both Apple and Android phones. This camera boasts a 1080P HD camera with the best resolution of the 3 cameras all while maintaining excellent battery life. 

While this is all good, there are a few drawbacks such as no ability to connect to a laptop and a shorter cable compared to it’s competition. Overall, if you need a great picture at a great price this might be the one for you.

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2. IWOBAC Semi-Rigid USB Endoscope

This endoscope is perfect for DIY plumbing jobs and other general tasks around the home. Featuring a USB Type-C connection to any supported device with an included adapter. As comes standard with most any plumbing camera, it’s waterproof and 6 LED lights should be good enough to head down just about any pipe for inspection. It’s important to note that while this has different cable length options available, they do differ in stiffness, so keep that in mind.

The unit is inexpensive, so keep in mind that you won’t be getting a professional grade product. For basic tasks, this would do just fine.

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3. Fantronics 2.0 MP IP67 Waterproof USB C Borescope

This USB C enabled camera is perfect for you if you have a USB C device such as most newer Samsung phones, laptops, and Macbooks (NOT for iPhone.) The borescope comes with a 2 million pixel CMOS camera on the end of the 16ft. cable, which has good quality, paired with the 8 adjustable LED lights on the camera and you should have no issues with seeing what needs to be seen. Since this is a plumbing camera, it is, of course, waterproof so feel free to send it down any water-filled pipe or drain.

You are required to download the app/program on your device, but there are free options available so this shouldn’t be too much of a concern. This is usually the case on all USB cameras and not exclusive to this product alone.

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Comparing the three products in this best USB plumbing cameras review, the LZHZJOY endoscope is the clear winner. It’s featured with better camera quality, covers wider angles, Apple/Android compatible, and the overall quality of the device is better.

Having 5 feet less cable length and no Laptop connection isn’t enough to demote this camera from the top spot.

If you have comments, concerns or recommendations please leave a comment below!

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