Pen Camera Reviews

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Anyone who is even remotely interested in technology is familiar with how its applications are endless, and new technology is constantly being developed. Pen cameras for instance are one of those products that probably would have been deemed impossible even just a few decades ago.

The basic idea is that the pen is not just used for writing but also has a camera hidden in it so you can surreptitiously snaps photos or record video, which is why pen cameras are popular gadgets among spies. In the spy world they are also called spy cams.

Surprisingly pen cameras are widely available in most parts of the world. There are several varieties, and they vary in terms of picture quality, price, and other features available. These spy gadgets have multiple purposes.

Here are three of the most popular pen cameras.

Spy Pen 1080p 32 GB Hidden Camera

The Spy Pen Hidden Camera by Vetro is among the most popular pen cameras on the market. The pen has a solid, durable feel in your hand and it is easy to operate. This stealthy product is capable of HD quality images with 1080p resolution. The product comes with 32 GB of internal memory, which should be enough to store up to six hours of 1080p video.

The product features a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. It is bound to make your life exciting with all the secret surveillance this pen camera will allow you to do. The Spy Pen Hidden Camera by Vetro is available at for about $215.00.

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  • The camera is high quality and will capture HD quality pictures and videos.
  • The pen feels solid and stealthy.
  • Operation is easy.
  • The built-in 32 GB internal memory allows for plenty of storage.


  • The pen tends to get hot after prolonged use.

Vetro’s Spy Pen Hidden Camera would definitely be among the top of the line products in the category, should there be any contest. Both the image and the video quality are excellent.

The battery is rechargeable with the included USB cable, and once the battery is fully charged, it allows up to 90 minutes of continuous recording. Whether it’s for spying, simply taking pictures, or because you like owning hi-tech gadgets, this will pen camera cover all your needs. It is definitely a product worth buying.

iSPY 720p HD DVR Spy Pen

iSPY has come up with a nifty little product that will fulfill all your spying needs. The No products found. features a 720p HD camera for smooth capture of smooth images and videos. The recording quality is excellent. The high-capacity polymer lithium battery ensures you are able to get the best performance out of the device. The iSPY HD DVR Spy Pen also works as a normal pen.

The packaging includes bonus items too. The bonus accessories included are a mini key chain recorder with a hidden camera, one genuine leather pen holder, and an 8 GB memory card.

The product comes with a one year warranty and a money back guarantee from iSPY. The iSpy HD DVR Spy Pen is available at for about $80.00.

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  • The 720p camera allows quality recording of videos and smooth photo capturing.
  • The mic quality is excellent and records crystal clear sound.
  • Three bonuses items included: a mini spy camera keychain, a pen holder, and an 8 GB memory card.


  • The battery is fragile, and there is a risk of overcharging that could result in a damaged battery.
  • Requires a laptop or PC to connect via USB to view the images and videos.

The bonus accessories offered with the iSpy HD DVR Spy Pen are a huge plus, as is the one-year warranty and total satisfaction money back guarantee. The camera quality is superb at 720p. The battery will allow 60 minutes of recording time once it’s been fully charged. It is an excellent product built for stealth and quality. It is a fantastic value for its price.

720p Spy Pen Camera by Teraputics

Teraputics is among the leading brands of spy pen cameras. The No products found. in particular is popular for its high quality surveillance capability, classy design, and quality engineering.

The top-grade video recording technology has the ability to record images and videos in 720p true HD quality. It can also be used as webcam for a PC or Mac.This user-friendly gadget comes with a 45-day money back guarantee from the manufacturer. The 720p Spy Pen Camera is available at for about $75.00. The packaging includes an 8 GB SD card to store your photos and videos.

No products found.


  • Using the device is a piece of cake. The pen camera can be connected to any PC or Mac to charge the battery via the USB cable and to view photos and videos.
  • The 720p HD camera is excellent, and it feels just as sturdy as any high-end pen camera.


  • The camera is only able to capture videos 30 minutes of video.

The 720p Spy Pen Camera is well known for its high integrity. The design is superb and feels sturdy. And the pen captures images and videos in 720p with its HD camera. Audio is captured as well. There is an 8 GB SD card included.

This is one of the best pen cameras on the market, and it’s priced right. It is a fantastic value for the price. You can easily order it from Amazon, and even return it within 45 days if you feel that it’s not the right choice for you.

NexGadget Spy Pen

The great thing about the No products found. is that it can take both quick picture snapshots of a problem as well as full HD quality videos. It doesn’t require any complicated software to work and comes with a free 32 GB SD. You can remove the card and insert it into your computer to watch the videos you’ve taken, or you can plug the pen right into your computer via USB to save time.

It’s capable of taking 1920x1080p videos and the camera is 8 megapixels. If you want to get a quick clear picture of what’s going on in your drain pipes there are few cameras that can match this one. You simply click once to start your video and click again to stop it.

No products found.


  • Simple one click operation
  • Capable of taking full 1080p quality HD video
  • Free 32 GB SD card
  • Takes pictures or videos


  • Some customers have trouble connecting the pen to the computer and have to remove the card to view videos

Overall the NexGadget Spy Pen is one of the best options on the market. With full 1080p video and an 8 megapixel camera you’ll always have a clear image. At under $50 it’s quite competitively priced as well.

Corprit Black Hidden Spy Pen Camera

The No products found. is another great option for taking videos of small compact spaces. It has a 100 degree wide angle lens to give you a full view of your surroundings and the videos are full 1080p HD quality. It has 8GB of storage built right in and does not require the use of an external SD card.

It also uses a rechargeable lithium ion battery as a power source and will run for up to 1 hour between charges which is plenty for any plumbing uses although it would be nice if it lasted a bit longer. It connects to your computer using a USB 2.0 connection. The pen also writes very well as an added bonus.

No products found.


  • 100 degree wide angle lens
  • Takes full 1080p quality HD video
  • Built-in 8GB storage
  • Does not require use of an SD card


  • 8GB of storage can be somewhat limiting
  • The battery only lasts for 1 hour between charges

The Corprit Black Hidden Spy Camera is a good alternative for taking quick videos in small areas. It does take HD quality video, but it would be better if the built-in storage was a little larger than 8GB. This Spy Pen Camera normally retails for well under $50.

Spy Camera Buying Guide

If you’re wondering why a spy camera might be useful for a plumber out buying guide below may help to clarify things for you. They’re versatile little devices and in many cases they take high quality videos that can be extremely useful when you need a closer look at something. They also happen to be quite inexpensive these days which certainly doesn’t hurt.

Compact Size

When you’re working in and around plumbing you don’t need bulky equipment – traditional video camera equipment simply isn’t of much use. Spy pen cameras are ideal because of their compact size.

They allow you to take a quick look into a small drain pipe without having to unravel your snake inspection camera. For example, if you’ve unhooked the drain under the sink because of a clog and you want to have a quick look at what’s going on these cameras are a perfect solution.

High Resolution Video

You might think these small little cameras would be relatively unimpressive in terms of picture and video quality, but that’s actually not the case. Most video spy cameras on the market today are HD quality cameras that provide a very clear picture.

When you’re looking into the entrance way of drain pipes sometimes all you need is to be able to see a few inches in and that’s where these pens can really come in handy to give you a clear view of what’s going on.

Built-In Storage

It’s one thing to take quality videos, but they won’t be of much use if you can’t take more than a few seconds of video at a time. You may be surprised to learn that most of these spy pen cameras have pretty decent built-in storage capacity.

On average you’ll find most of them have at least 8GB of storage and some can even be expanded with a Micro SD card. You can easily store a couple of hours of video at a time and save it to view when it’s convenient.

USB Connection

The only thing I don’t like about most spy cameras is that they don’t as a rule allow for seamless Wi-Fi connection with a portable device such as a smartphone or a tablet.

You generally have to connect them to a device with a USB connection which means that you will normally need to have a laptop with you if you want to view the videos you’ve taken shortly after taking them. It’s not an ideal setup, but it is workable if you’re properly prepared.

Ease of Operation

If a video spy camera’s going to be useful it needs to be easy to operate and they generally are. Most operate by simply clicking the camera on and off. That’s probably why they’re so popular with spies as it simply looks like you’re preparing your pen for use – not activating a camera that can record its surroundings in HD quality video.

It is a Pen of Course

There’s one thing that’s often overlooked when it comes to the best spy pen cameras – they’re also great pens! This makes them really useful for plumbers. You can take a quick look at a clog, record videos of the problem, and then use the pen to take notes or even to prepare your invoice for service with your client.


The NexGadget Spy Pen is clearly the best value for money of the camera pens we’ve reviewed.  It is priced under $50, but it still provides full 180p videos. The free 32GB Sd card that comes with is also a nice feature that offers lots of storage capacity. When you combine all this with the fact that it takes both pictures and videos you’ve got a lot of great things in a pretty small package.

Vetro’s Spy Pen Hidden Camera is also a good option. It also has 1080p resolution, superb recording quality, and 32 GB of internal memory storage. The company also provides a one year warranty for the pen camera. The minor setback might be the price, as it’s priced well over $100. The iSpy, Teraputic, and Corprit Spy Pen are also great choices with HD quality video, but there storage capacities are more limited.

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