Plumbers Putty

Plumbers’ putty is the most basic and vital component of a plumber’s toolkit. Whether you are fixing a leak, replacing plumbing fixtures, or performing any other plumbing related task, you will mostly likely need plumbers’ putty. There are hundreds of manufacturers’ blends to choose from, but some of them are much better choices than others.

Here I have prepared a list of some of the top names in the game. These are your best choices for plumbers’ putty. These products vary in terms of the price and the quality of the putty. Rest assured, choosing any one of these products will get your job done and done right.

Oatey 25101 Hercules Sta Put Plumbers’ Putty

Oatey is a reputed brand when it comes to manufacturing plumbers’ putty. The company’s reputation has been well earned with its production of flexible, stretchable compound that molds easily. Oatey’s Hercules Sta Put Plumbers’ Putty is of superior grade compared to most of its competitors. The company claims that the product will not harden, crumble, crack or shrink.

This product is bound to help you finish all your plumbing duties. Oatey’s Hercules Sta Put Plumbers’ Putty is available at for about $8.50 for a 14-ounce container.


  • The compound is super flexible and stretchable, which means it can be molded to meet your plumbing needs.
  • Oatey is well-known for the durability of its products.
  • This putty will not harden, crumble, crack, or shrink.
  • Used by most professionals.


  • It is expensive as compared to other products on the market.
  • It cannot be used on ABS.

The Oatey’s Hercules Sta Put Plumbers’ Putty is a great product. The compound is non-hardening, and will not crumble or crack ensuring that your faucets and sinks will remain leak-free for years. The compound is flexible and stretchable, so it can be easily molded to the task at hand. Overall, it’s a great product, and it is definitely something I would recommend to a friend.

La-Co Plumbset Professional Plumbers’ Putty

La-Co’s Plumbset Professional Plumbers’ Putty is another fantastic item to add to your plumbing toolkit. The adhesive and elastic material is great for all your plumbing works and repairs. The material won’t sag and it won’t stain metal surfaces. The compound should not be used on marble or plastic as it will stain those materials.

Plumbset Professional Plumbers’ Putty is available at in three sizes. A three-pound container is about $7.50. A five-pound container is about $12.00. The largest size is 65 pounds and sells for about $85.00.


  • The product is non-staining on metal surfaces and won’t sag at all.
  • The compound is adhesive and elastic in nature, so it can be molded easily.
  • You can install your own sinks and shower drains with this handy material.
  • This putty is used by professionals.


  • It is not to be used on plastic or marble or any other natural porous stone as it will stain.

Plumbset Professional Plumbers’ Putty is among the best plumbers’ putty options on the market. This compound can be molded easily and is extremely durable. Keep in mind that it hasn’t been designed to be used on plastic or stone. This product is packed in plastic containers. It is a fantastic value for the price, and it can easily be ordered from

Ast-Put 25201 Plumbers’ Putty

Ast-Put Plumbers’ Putty from Anti-Seize has been designed to meet every plumbers’ daily needs. The product is gas proof and highly water resistant. The compound offers uniform and smooth consistency. It is quite inexpensive considering the quality of the material. The putty will not harden or stain your materials. It is best used for setting bowls, faucets, rims, strainers, or for other similar sealing and caulking jobs.

The putty is RoHS compliant. Ast-Put Plumbers’ Putty is available at in three sizes. The 14-ounce container is about $3.50. Three pounds of putty is $7.70. The five-pound container sells for about $11.00.


  • The compound is non-hardening and non-staining.
  • It is gas proof and highly water resistant.
  • It won’t stick to your fingers.
  • All your plumbing, sealing, and caulking jobs will be a breeze with this putty.


  • It cannot be used on stone or plastics.
  • Many users have complained that the compound is not pliable and is almost as hard as rubber.


Ast-Put Plumbers’ Putty is among the least expensive plumbers’ putties on the market. It will work well for all your normal plumbing needs, but cannot be used on porous stone or plastic. Ast-Put is a great value for the price, and with it you will be able to avoid call a plumber for minor repairs.

Weld-On 80103 White Malleable Seal Plumber’s Putty

Weld-On White Malleable Seal Plumber’s Putty has a reputation as one of the best products for sealing all kinds of leaking pipes and valves. Not only is this product highly pliable, it’s also completely waterproof, it won’t stain or corrode your pipes either. They’re 100 % compliant with low volatile organic compound standard emission limits as well.

We might not think of the environmental impact such an unobtrusive product will have on our surroundings, but it’s nice to know there are products like this on the market. You don’t sacrifice anything when you use this environmentally friendly option, but it can give you some added piece of mind.


  • This putty is non staining and it isn’t corrosive
  • Weld-On is 100 % waterproof
  • Compliant with low volatile organic compound standard emission limits
  • An environmentally friendly plumbing putty


  • Not appropriate for use on ABS pipes
  • Gray color may stand out a bit

Weld-On 80103 White Plumber’s Putty is perhaps the best environmentally friendly plumbing putty option on the market these days. It also happens to be great for sealing leaky pipes and valves. It’s also quite reasonably priced at just over $10 for a 3lb tub of putty.

Black Swan 45377 Stainless Plumber Putty

There’s always one sleeper in any product category and when it comes to plumber’s putty the Black Swan 45377 is a strong candidate for that title. This putty has the pliable and flexible qualities you’d expect and it’s designed to stand up to a lot of adverse conditions.

It doesn’t shrink after being applied. It creates a tight seal so no water bleeds through. It also doesn’t harden, crack, or crumble. This product is what plumber’s putty is meant to be.

You can use this putty for a bunch of different applications. It’s perfect for use around sinks, fixtures, faucets, and many other different applications. As you’d expect it creates an impermeable barrier to water, but what might surprise you is that it’s also gas proof and odor proof as well.


  • Pliable and flexible plumber’s putty
  • Waterproof, gas proof, and odour proof
  • It doesn’t harden, crack, or crumble
  • Perfect for use on sinks, fixtures, faucets, and many other applications


  • A little more expensive than some other comparable products

Blac Swan 45377 is a versatile plumbing putty that will seal both water and gas. It remains flexible and pliable at all times during use and after application. It will also resist hardening, cracking, or crumbling. Priced at over just over $15 per 5lb tub it may be a bit more expensive than some of its competitors, but not by much.

Plumber’s Putty Buying Guide

So now that we’ve shown you some of the better plumbing putty products on the market today we thought it would be a good idea to over some basic properties and uses of plumbing putty.

Leak Sealed

The main reason that plumbers and home owners alike are so fond of plumbers putty such as Oatey plumber’s putty is because it does a great job sealing leaks.

You might not think that a product that is predominately just a mixture of clay and some other minor ingredients would be efficient at stopping a pipe from leaking, but it does. This pliable material not only prevents leaks, it actually repels water and that’s a winning set of features for most basic plumbing applications.

Relatively Easy to Remove

Plumbing putty is not the only option when it comes to sealing leaky pipes, but it is probably the most user friendly option. Not only does it create a great seal against water it’s also extremely pliable.

You can easily shape your putty around most pipes and it’s also quite easy to remove – you can simply pull it off by hand. Silicone based products may be better for high pressure situations, but you won’t be able to remove them by hand.

Where Can You Use Plumber’s Putty?

It might be easier to talk about where you can’t use plumber’s putty. This material is so versatile and workable that it’s appropriate for a whole range of different jobs. You’ll find it in place around your sinks as a sealant, your bathtub, your drain pipes, and various valves.

I have a friend who likes to use plumbers putty as a solution to for just about anything that needs sealed – not just plumbing! A good plumber’s putty isn’t just workable and pliable – it’s also quite reliable. It doesn’t break apart as you use it and it doesn’t crumble when it’s in place.

What is Plumber’s Putty?

Enquiring minds want to know – what the heck is plumber’s putty anyway? Well essentially it’s a clay based product with other active ingredients mixed in to make it more pliable, resistant to leaks, and versatile.

Some other commonly found ingredients in plumber’s putty formulations include oils, talc, limestone, and even fish oil. Manufacturers are always looking for the magic bullet that will make their versions standout from the competition and that’s why you find such a diverse range of ingredients.

Clean it Up

I was helping my cousin with a minor plumbing repair a couple of weeks back and I nearly had a fit when he went to apply some plumber’s putty around an old pipe to repair a small leak. It wasn’t because the putty wasn’t the right tool for the job, it was, but the problem was that old pipe was covered in gunk and debris.

You can’t create a proper seal on such a surface. Before applying any non-staining plumber’s putty to a job you have to make sure it’s clear of any debris. Plumber’s putty works best when applied to a clean and clear surface.

Applying Heat

Another unique property of plumber’s putty is that it works best when you apply heat to it first. This makes it more pliable and less likely to break. We’re not talking about applying a blow torch or anything so extreme – all you have to do is rub some between your hand and it should be ready to go.


Judging by the quality of the putties we’ve reviewed, Oatey’s Hercules Sta Put Plumbers Putty is the clear winner. The compound is of superior grade, and it’s remarkably easy to work with. Granted, it’s priced slightly higher than its competitors, but once you start working with it you will see it is worth its price.

La-Co’s Plumbset Professional Plumbers’ Putty is the close second here. Although, it is less expensive than Oatey’s putty, it isn’t quite as good in terms of quality, but it’s not a huge gap by any means. Again, it’s easy to work with, won’t stick to your hands, and it gets the job done.

Weld-On and Black Swan are also very capable products. I particularly liked the positive environmental qualities of the Weld-On putty. Ast-Put Plumbers’ Putty from Anti-Seize is also a fine product although it has received quite a few negative reviews from users and that’s why it places last on our list.

Any one of these products can save you a lot of money by allowing you to complete simple plumbing jobs by yourself and avoid the added expense of a professional plumber.

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